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WR312G-LTE for Feeder Automation System4
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Distribution feeder automation is composed of feeder automation system, Feeder Remote Terminal Unit  (FRTU), Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU), communication system, and automatic line switches. Use remote monitoring, measurement and control methods to monitor the on-site power supply situation of the power distribution system, and in the planned work and accident handling process, instead of sending traditional personnel to the site for manual operation and accident inspection and repair, directly in the remote control center Power outage and transmission operations, accident point study and judgment, and isolated power restoration to achieve benefits such as reducing power outage time, improving work safety, improving operation and maintenance efficiency, and accelerating load dispatch.
In this case, the user used the WR312G 4G LTE router to send the on-site FRTU data back to the central control room through the 4G LTE base station to shorten the system setup time.
Reasons for using WR312G:

  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports + 2 RS232/422/485 serial ports can be connected to field serial devices
  • Support OpenVPN, IPsec
  • Cloud device management software, monitoring field devices at any time
  • -40~70℃ operating temperature
  • 5-year warranty

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