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Helping Taiwan's largest ground-based solar power plant-Changbin Solar Power Plant4
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Industrial PoE Ethernet Switch RP428 / DP412
Industrial Ethernet switch RS428 / DS412
Industrial 4G LTE router gateway R322GR-LTE-WLAN
Brief description:
Changbin Photovoltaic Field is currently the largest ground-based solar plant in Taiwan, with an installation capacity of 100MW. However, Changbin Photovoltaic Field is not only a solar version. If the installation of the 35 2.3MW onshore wind turbines planned in the future is completed, a total of 71.2MW of electricity can be generated. Taipower estimates that the combined annual power generation of dual green energy can exceed 340 million kWh. The key to supplying 40,000 households of electricity per day is the use of double-sided solar modules (which can generate electricity from the front and back of the panel), thereby increasing energy production.
System Requirements:
The PoE Ethernet switch DP412 returns the live IP Camera image to the central control room, and the DS412 Ethernet switch returns the live power generation/PLC data. Through the ERPS ring redundancy network structure, the reliability of the on-site network is guaranteed. The high-level Cyber Security function greatly improves the security of on-site network information.
system structure:

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Reasons for selection:

  • ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS network redundancy protocol
  • Wide operating temperature: -40~70°C
  • Cyber Security IEC62443-4-2 Level 3/4 high-level cyber security protection
  • 1.5MBytes Packet Buffer effectively prevents H.264 encoded burst data
  • Five-years warranty