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WR322GR for River gate monitoring system4
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In this case, WR322GR 4G LTE routers are used for remote water gate monitoring to monitor gate opening and water level, etc., and integrate IP camera monitoring and voice systems. Through the WR322GR 4G LTE router, on-site gate and water level change data are transmitted through the LTE base The station can transmit data, and it can remotely remotely control the on-site gate switch, and cooperate with the monitoring system to confirm the state of the gate opening and closing and the surrounding environment conditions such as the on-site Zhenlu, so as to reduce the risk that personnel need to manually control the gate on site during the flood season, and protect the administrator’s Personal safety also increases the speed of response and handling when emergencies occur, and avoids major disasters.

Reasons for choosing WR322GR:

  • Support 4G LTE Cat.6, 300M download / 50M upload
  • Support OpenVPN, IPsec protocol
  • IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides high throughput up to 866Mbps
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports + 2 RS232/422/485 serial ports can be connected to field serial devices
  • -40°C~70°C operating temperature
  • Integrate cloud device management software to facilitate users to remotely control field devices
  • 5-year warranty

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