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Industrial 5-port Ethernet Switch

The DS105A industrial Ethernet switch is designed with network features for the industrial automation application. With the Broadcast filtering , VLAN and CoS function, it enhances the network transmission performance. The 10~60Vdc wide range power input or low voltage 18~30Vac can be used for building automation control. The wide operation temperature -40~75C and heavy industrial EMC design makes DS105A suitable for any industrial application.

roadcast Storm Protection

•Auto drop incoming broadcast packets for network availability protection
•Fast enable/disable through DIP Switch for customer requirement

Easy DIP switch Configuration

•QoS Control
•Broadcast Storm Protection

QoS Service for Time-Sensitive Applications

•Easy DIP Switch Configuration
•VLAN Tag Hi/ Low priority ID, 8:1 scheduling scheme

Hardened System Design

•Operates Under -40 ~75°C  Environment
•Wide Range Redundant  Power Input, 10~60Vdc or AC18~30V
•Ingress Protection – IP31

Pre-defined High Performance VLAN Group

•Member port individual grouping with Uplink port #5
•Easy DIP Switch Configuration

Special Vertical Market Application

•Factory Automation – Real Time Machine Communication
•Railway Track Side – PLC Communication
•Low AC Voltage application – AC18~30V Building Automation

Long Packet Forwarding

•64~1536 Bytes for double-tag VLAN or further application

Compact Size with fiber Uplink

•Single Mode Model: 30KM
•Multi Mode Model: 2KM
•SC, ST type fiber connector

DS105A Industrial 5-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
DS105A-M-SC-2 Industrial 4-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, 1 x multi-mode, 2km/1310nm, SC
DS105A-M-ST-2 Industrial 4-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, 1x multi-mode, 2km/1310nm, ST
DS105A-S-SC-30 Industrial 4-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, 1x single-mode, 30km/1310nm, SC
DS105A-S-ST-30 Industrial 4-port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, 1x single-mode, 30km/1310nm, ST
  Package List
1 x Product Unit
1 x 4-pin Removable Terminal Connector
1 x Attached Din Clip
1 x Quick Installation Guide