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Industrial Waterproof Outdoor IP55 Wifi AP Router

WA212BP is a high performance, 802.11n compliant, IP55 waterproof outdoor wireless AP/ Router with wireless coverage reaching up to 2km. It equips with highly sensitive, high power, and high gain 2T2R MIMO antennas that bring data rate up to 300Mbps. The dual Ethernet ports support NAT Routing and firewall/VPN connectivity. One Ethernet port receives PoE power input, and the other Ethernet port delivers PoE power output. A web-based GUI provides easy and secure management, as well as the firmware upgrade. The mini USB port can be used to add cellular dongles. WA212BP is an ideal entry-level high-speed long-range wireless communication solution for outdoor applications.

High Throughput and Extended Range Wireless Communication

・Compliant with IEEE 802.11n with 2T2R MIMO and data rate up to 300Mbps

・Long wireless transmission distance up to 2 km

・Dual Ethernet wire connection allows expanding the wireless range without bandwidth lost.

・PoE pass-through to deliver power for AP or IP camera

High power, High gain, and Smart RF management

・External Power Amplify reaches Max. 29dBm output power and -96dBm Rx sensitivity

・Directional High-Gain 11dBi Panel Antenna Inside

・Optional 5G Radio with external antenna socket

・Supports AP, Client, WDS AP/Client, multiple SSID for Point to Point/Multiple Points connectivity

Easy and WLAN Secure management

・ HTTPs/ SNMP v3/ CLI management

・ Built-in WPA, WPA2/ 802.1X/ Firewall security

・ Multiple operating modes: Wireless AP/Client/Bridge for different applications

・Reserved USB for the optional external cellular adapter 

Rugged Design for Wayside installation

・ Outdoor waterproof IP55 enclosure

・-30~60oC operating temp. & 24V PoE input

・Easy Pole mount installation for wayside, Port, Airport, Factory & Building applications

Dual Ethernet Routing with Enhanced Cyber Security

・Dual Ethernet port supports one LAN port, one WAN port Router mode or Bridge mode.
・NAT, Firewall, VPN is available in Router mode.
・1:1 NAT, port forwarding and NAPT for local traffic
・Support Firewall for inbound/outbound traffic, port forwarding
・OpenVPN Server/Client or IPSec*
・Support L2TP with PPP, PAP, CHAP(LCP, IPCP)
・Support GRE tunnel
・HTTPs/SSH secure login
・Support TACACS+ multi-user authentication for privileged user management

Industrial IoT LAN & Cloud Management

・ARP response over 802.2 LLC SNAP
・Support MQTTS, CoAP protocol, ready to use AWS/Azure and Private Cloud Agent for cloud management
・ Diagnostic tool includes Ping, TFTP, SNMP Trap, E-mail Alert and System Log
・WoMaster Software Utilities
    -NetMaster: Network Management System
    -ViewMaster: Configuration Management
    -ThingMaster: Interactive monitoring dashboard by Modbus Tag to collect data from Modbus devices
    -ThingMaster OTA: Realtime map showing the status, signal strength, location of the remote devices, over-the-air batch device registration, configuration and firmware upgrade, alerts on critical events to prevent downtime

Ordering Information 

WA212BP-E Industrial Wireless 802.11n AP/Client/Bridge,IP55, Embedded 11dBi antenna, 2 Ethernet ports, 24V Passive PoE with EU plug
WA212BP-U Industrial Wireless 802.11n AP/Client/Bridge,IP55, Embedded 11dBi antenna, 2 Ethernet ports, 24V Passive PoE with US plug