WA512GM-D-5GNR Series3
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WA512GM-D-5GNR Series

Industrial 5G Cellular Router and Gateway with Wireless 2.4G+5GHz MESH Wifi AP

The WA512GM-D series is the outstanding industrial Cellular router to adopt the latest dual band MESH WLAN and Cellular 4G LTE/5G New Radio technology for the growing demands of the industrial Wireless network. The MESH WLAN features Self Organizing Network that automatically selects and links different wireless networking devices together by the mesh topology. The WA512GM-D significantly improves network coverage in different corners in a large warehouse with AGV or automated factory with advanced security. As to the uplink, we additionally provide high speed cellular 4G or 5G connectivity, which makes the deployment of industrial wireless networks much easier.
The WA512GM-D equipped with a high-performance Quad-core ARM processor, it can serve Cellular 4G/5G plus dual channels WLAN radios at the same time. Advanced cybersecurity features such as OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and GRE tunnel are supported with high throughput. The industrial designs such as slim din-rail mounting, extended -40~70C operation temperature, and PoE power input integrate easily into IoT applications.

Cellular 5GNR/4G + Dual Band Wireless LAN
• Quad-Core ARM Processor
• LTE Cat.6 2T2R MIMO, up to 300M UL&50M DL
• Optional 5G New Radio, ultra high throughput and very low latency network     response time
• IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2, Concurrent dual-band 2.4 G+5GHz radio, up to         866Mbps + 300Mbps
• Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports in Router mode for WLAN/LAN to Eth-WAN routing
• Dual 2.4G+5GHz Radio in One Antenna Wave 2 MESH 

Qualcomm® Wi-Fi SON Technology
• Self-Healing auto rerouting through multi-hop (up to 4 layers and 7 hops for optimum performance)
• Self-Configuring Plug-and-play via Wireless network with ViewMaster utility
• Easy MESH setup and Group MESH setup
• MESH Network Status Monitoring
• Autonomous performance optimization (802.11k)*
• Interference management via band steering (802.11v)*
• Seamless roaming*
• Self-defending (Round-the-clock security)*

Enhanced Cyber Security & Redundancy
・Support Firewall for inbound/outbound traffic
・OpenVPN Server/Client and Key Generation
・IPsec VPN for secure remote connection
・IPSec Performance >150Mbps @256-bit encryption
・Support L2TP with PPP, PAP, CHAP(LCP, IPCP)
・Support GRE* tunnel
・HTTPs/SSH secure login
・Support TACACS+ multi-user authentication for privileged user         management*

Management Features
• Various configuration paths, including Web GUI,
Telnet, LAN Utility (ViewMaster) and NMS (NetMaster)
• Support First login password management
• Web GUI for Wireless LAN Setting, Radio On/Off, Band and Frequency selection, SSID/Multiple SSID, SSID Broadcast On/Off
• 1:1 NAT, port forwarding for local traffic protection
• Support SNMPv3 and entity-MIB (RFC4133), MIB II (RFC1213)
• NTP v3 time management
• Wireless Client Router mode for LAN to Wireless WAN NAT
• Up to 100ms Seamless Roaming

Cloud Management Service
• Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
• Support Private IoT cloud and proprietary ThingsMaster cloud service
• Interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, signal strength*, location etc.

Slim & Rugged Design for Industrial IoT Application
・Slim size Din-Rail mounting design
・Dual radio in one antenna to save cost for antenna, RF cabling and space of the field cabinet
・Effective heat dissipation design for operating in -40~70oC environments
・Power Input 802.3af PD by Industrial PoE switch as a complete wire/wireless solution.
・24VDC Power input with 9~50V range


Ordering Information

  • WA512GM-D-5GNR

Industrial Cellular + 802.11ac Din-Rail Dual 2.4+5GHz Concurrent Wireless Mesh AP/Router,802.11ac Wave 2 +802.11b/g/n WLAN, 2GE, Din-Rail, 24VDC TB, 5GNR

  • WA512GM-D-LTE6-E

Industrial Cellular + 802.11ac Din-Rail Dual 2.4+5GHz Concurrent Wireless MESH AP/Router,802.11ac Wave 2 +802.11b/g/n WLAN, 2GE, Din-Rail, 24VDC TB, LTE6-E

  • WA512GM-D

Industrial 802.11ac Din-Rail Dual Radio 2.4+5GHz Concurrent Wireless Mesh AP, 802.11ac Wave 2 +802.11b/g/n WLAN, 2GE, Din-Rail, 24VDC TB

  • WA512G-D

Industrial 802.11ac Din-Rail Dual Radio 2.4+5GHz Concurrent Wireless AP/Client, 802.11ac Wave 2 +802.11b/g/n WLAN, 2GE, Din-Rail, 24VDC TB