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Industrial 14G Layer 3 Full Gigabit M12 PoE Managed Ethernet Switch

MP614 series is the leading edge M12 full Gigabit routing PoE switch designed for Layer 3 controlling network on rail public transport. Equipped with 14 rugged Gigabit M12 ports, 8 of which supply intelligent PoE/PoE+ and 2 of which support link bypass function for sustainable connectivity even in case of device/power fault. The advanced Layer 3 routing protocols such as IP/VLAN routing, RIP, OSPF, VRRP are fully compatible with your backbone network. Full 14 Gigabit ports bring forward an ultra speed connectivity without any bottleneck. The comprehensive Cyber Security design safeguards the network from outside intrusion.

Full Giga Switching and Ultra High Throughput
・14-port Full-Giga Ethernet with 8-port PoE and 2-port link bypass function
・16K MAC address table
・1.5MBytes packet buffer memory for H.264 burst
・9K jumbo frame
・Store and forward with non-blocking switch fabric

ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy
• An ITU standard Ring redundancy Protocol
• Provide sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic
 •Interoperate with 3rd party industrial switch and still remain fast recovery time
• Interoperate with commercial switch instead of STP/RSTP
• Efficient network interconnection and topology with ERPS Chain, multiple chains

Dynamic Routing with Redundancy Protection
・Support RIPv1&v2, OSPFv1&v2 for intra-domain routing within an autonomous system
・Unicast/multicast static routing for efficient routing requirement
・Support VRRP to guarantee sustainable routing in single point of failure

Management Features
・Various configuration path including WebGUI, CLI, SNMP and RMON
・Support IEEE 1588v1/v2 PTP time management
・LLDP topology control
・Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP for factory automation
・Support USB for field side easy configuration and firmware update
・Software utility interface for LAN devices management
・NMS system for individual component monitoring in network management framework

IEC62443-4-2 Level 3 / 4 Cyber Security
・L2-L7 Access Control List (ACL), parsing up to 128bytes/packet
・DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection
・802.1Q VLAN, Private VLAN, Advanced Port Security
・ Multi-Level user passwords
・ HTTPS/SSH/SFTP, 256-bit AES encryption
・ 802.1X MAB for non-802.1X compliant end devices
・ RADIUS/TACACS+ centralized password authentication

Extreme PoE Capability
・Provides 8-port IEEE 802.3af/at compliance PoE, up to 30W per port
・Up to 100W system power budget at 70°C operating temperature
・Complete PoE management including per-port Power Budget Control, PoE Scheduling and PoE Status
・Rugged M12 connectors for harsh environment

Rugged Design for Surveillance in Rail, Rolling Stock application
・EN50155/IEC61373 railway certification compliance
・Outstanding mechanical design: good heat dispassion and lightweight: 100W Power feeding even in 70°C
・Wide range operating temperature from -40 ~ 70°C
・CE marking
・Emission: CISPR 22/ FCC part 15B class A

Ordering Information

MP614-HV-A Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 A-code PoE Switch, 110V
MP614-HV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 110V
MP614-MV-A Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 A-code PoE Switch, 54V
MP614-MV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 54V
MP614-WV-A Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 A-code PoE Switch, 24-100V
MP614-WV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 24-100V