ThingsMaster OTA3
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ThingsMaster OTA

Private Cloud Platform for Device Management Over The Air

ThingsMaster OTA by WoMaster is a web-based over-the-air device management solution that provides an intuitive and customizable user interface for setting, monitoring and managing deployed gateway devices without any IT development required. Device management operations such as setting batch device configurations, group reboot, and upgrading firmware* ensure you stay up to date with the latest features and security patches. Users can also customize alerts for critical events by using Node-RED-like flow-based programming. The ThingsMaster OTA service not only features an intuitive user interface to simplify management but also leverages AI machine learning technology to prevent downtime and to recommend maintenance, providing increased managerial productivity and cost-saving benefits. The ThingsMaster OTA can be installed on a virtual machine, or just a QNAP® NAS (network-attached storage) via APP center download. Events notification can also be sent as SMS, Email, Skype® or Facebook Instant Messenger®, and Push Service in real-time.

Web access
Instant, secure access from any web browser
Meet RWD (Responsive Web Design) requirements for desktop and mobile devices

►Device Management over the Air

-Interactive monitoring dashboard with a map that displays device status, wireless signal strength, and the location of all deployed LTE/5G routers
-MAP shows devices online/offline/warning status in Green/Red/Orange color, respectively
-Supports over-the-air batch device configuration and firmware update* and batch register
-Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime (i.e. signal strength is too low or temperature is too high)
-Support the latest TLS encryption and X.509 authentication
-Multi-Tenant and Project-oriented IoT deployment
-Supports MQTT and RESTful APIs
-Monitor and manage multi-site device real-time status*, ex. CPU/RAM/Flash real-time usages
-Rule Engine: Node-RED-like flow-based programming with ready to use examples to import
-QNAP ® NAS Free Download
-Multiple Notification Channels by Skype, Email, SMS, IM

Cloud Management
・Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
・Support proprietary ThingsMaster cloud service
・Support Modbus Tag to collect data from Modbus devices
・Interactive monitoring dashboard and the map shows the status, signal strength, and location
・Support over-the-air batch device registration, configuration and firmware update
・Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime (i.e signal strength is too low or temperature is too high)

System requirements for private cloud
Cloud Server  
CPU Intel® i5 4 core Processor
RAM 16GB DDR3 (8GB for trial version)
Storage at least 20G free space

Ordering Information

ThingsMasterOTA–5GW (trial version) ThingsMaster OTA for 5 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–10GW ThingsMaster OTA for 10 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–50GW ThingsMaster OTA for 50 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–100GW ThingsMaster OTA for 100 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–300GW ThingsMaster OTA for 300 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–500GW ThingsMaster OTA for 500 gateways
ThingsMasterOTA–1000GW ThingsMaster OTA for 1000 gateways